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Friday, January 11th, 2008

Posted by:1claimserr.
Time:11:52 pm.
Итак, данная стратегия передает информацию о том, что каждая часть индивидуальности может оказаться весьма ценной; она подчеркивает, что эта ценность предопределяется контекстом; она содействует росту принятия себя и укрепляет убеждение больного в том, что, несмотря на депрессию и низкую самооценку, он является полноценным человеком. заболевание почек , диета , гинекология , здоровый образ жизни инфекционные болезни , лечение болезней , кардиология , желудок
Данная стратегия иным образом представляет клиенту то, что воспринимаемые им в качестве плохих части индивидуальности в действительности могут принести ему большую пользу. Клиент получает за- дание сформировать по крайней мере в десяти пунктах ответ на вопрос: “Кто ты?” Он может описать свою общественную роль, свои убеждения и взгляды, внешний вид, интеллект и т.д. При этом клиента просят в равной мере учитывать как позитивные, так и негативные — в его понимании — черты собственной индивидуальности. Затем он получает задание пронумеровать позиции из списка, исходя из критерия их ценности, и запомнить эту последовательность. После чего клиницист велит клиенту закрыть глаза и “обратиться к воображению”, после чего даст ему следующие инструкции.
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Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Subject:Blues4Kali- A Cult Classic for the End Times
Posted by:indiriverflow.
Time:9:00 pm.

What will Winter Solstice bring in

...an instant of Karma? ...an ethereal spiral dance of the collective soul? ... cosmic judgment leveled against civilization's expanse? ...destruction of the world as we know it? ...a chance for a new start? ...the rise and the revenge of the Goddess? or simply another day in the life of paranoia?
These are the false prophesies that your pastor warned you about!

Reality Exchange Program

"Makes DMT seem like a whip-it."

Crazy Bear said there'd be days like this. As usual, no one believed him. Now, all I want to know is: where IS that lifeboat, and how DO I ditch this ship of fools, without any of these bliss ninnies noticing that I'm already gone?

Captain, my ass. We are equal in this sea of madness.

That iceberg is looking awfully big.

New Age Metaphysical Books

Amana Mission is on a quest to save the world, and the only problem is, she can't remember why she got involved with such an obvious scam in the first place. Jesus saves. Christ. What a loser.

Kali kills first, and recycles later.

Hitchhikers, load up for a ride to the Other Side. You may wish you had gone Greyhound.

"What the...?"

*A cranky band of prankster peace warriors who absolutely cannot resist messing with each other's minds, no matter the cost.

*Cocky alchemy-dabbling quantum surfers, navigating the Ethersphere with hand-held computers, switching timelines to find a better party vibe and swap tips about the best temporary toilets for use as interdimensional portals.

*A burnt-out visionary hippie millionaire on a mission from Gaia to build a better "communitopia" by underwriting a convoy carrying telepathic priestesses.

*A wheelchair-bound mindpilot propelling a crystal-powered Seed Bank toward the post-Apocalyptic Garden, with psychic precision...and a predilection for high-velocity extreme driving.

*Hermaphrodite time-jumper fleeing a fate worse than death.

*Anarchist ghettoes where anything goes-except escape.

*Ancient Principals vying like sweatsoaked carpetbaggers for our loyalty as the Final Vote is tallied.

*Long-haired security patrols collecting a cannabis tribute tax from all pilgrims to the Valley of Fun.

*And an underground meat mafia bringing a black magic revival to a bloodless dreamworld gone bland.

All brought together by a secret psychedelic superdrug that tunes users in to reality through the eyes of another archetypal avatar inhabiting a different state of space and time. Mahayana made easy. Budding Buddha natures are running amuck on a virtual superhighway where all roads lead to the Bo tree and singularity.

Twenty-first century Tantra is about more than sex, drugs, and
rock and roll.Confronting the Karma of every wasted breath is only the first step.

Welcome to the End Times. Kali awaits. She already knows who you are.

Do you?

The 21st century counterculture is even weirder than it appears on the surface. This is not your mommy’s MTV Road Rules. Satire Parody and Humor.

Ride along on this mesmerizing, metaphor-packed bus trip toward ecstasy and enlightenment, as three real-time guides-Amana, Sissy, and Deva, let you in on what they learned when they asked what It was really all about, after all.

Become them for a multilevel metafictional tour of infinity and awaken yourself to the miracle-a-minute magic of mighty Mother Kali!

Science Fiction Novel Blues 4 Kali

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Saturday, September 16th, 2006

Subject:book (memoir)-
Posted by:trureader.
Time:4:46 pm.
has anybody heard of the book "News Junkie". Put out by Process Media, that crazy publishing house that puts out weird books?....
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Sunday, October 23rd, 2005

Posted by:20only_me08.
Time:4:20 pm.
Mood: confused.
So is this journal for you to just write things in?
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Thursday, September 29th, 2005

Posted by:marykae.
Time:11:15 pm.
This community is for Livejournal users to write fan fiction about one another. Do you have an LJ crush but can't get near him/her because you live too far away?

In our community you can be with him/her!

Is someone on LJ making you mad? You can make them suffer here! (FOR PRETEND!!!!!!)

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Saturday, August 6th, 2005

Posted by:xonicole05ox.
Time:7:50 pm.
Mood: depressed.
u kno how it feels to have no friends? i'll tell u how it feels. as soon as i made it to 3rd grade, everything changed, one of my best friends changed schools, and thats when everything bad started happening. i was brutally made fun of, for not being able to hold still, for being chubby, for being "ugly" to them. 6th grade was the worst for me, this time they threw things at me, someone chucked a football at my foot and called me a bitch. i came home depressed everyday, and i wouldnt do my homework cuz of the depression. i failed 6th grade and was held back. i was finally pulled out of my old school, and put into a new one. things were fine until 8th grade, when everyone was starting to take advantage of my kindness. so then i decided that year to take shit from no one! that only made things worse =(. it led to 2 detentions, beating someone up, getting suspended, and not attending graduation. i passed though, i had to suck it up and take the diploma from my principal mr rader. all the shit i missed, the dance and graduation, all cuz i didnt have ANY friends. i hope and pray, that when i go to high school, none of this shit happens again =(.
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Saturday, February 5th, 2005

Posted by:qrose_redq.
Time:12:15 am.
Mood: depressed.
hey everyone. i wrote this at school recently, and so...yeah. here it is.

There are not words that exist
to name that feeling inside of me
the emptiness is sick
and the air is choking me.
I never thought I’d say this
in this world of broken lies
I never thought I’d say this
on the day my idol dies.
The broken idol of memory
haunted to remind me
of the mistakes I have made.
If she hadn’t forgiven me
if she hadn’t been there
I would be above the golden sea
floating above the drugged air.
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Monday, July 26th, 2004

Subject:The Cradle of Mirth
Posted by:haedes.
Time:9:19 pm.
Mood: peaceful.
Written for the essay writing competition in my college, I was completely stuck when I saw the topics, until I started writing. Then the following poured out.

Cradle of Mirth:Collapse )

I want criticism people. Please dont disappoint me!
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Friday, June 25th, 2004

Posted by:frustratednsad.
Time:4:34 pm.
Shameless advert: The first issue of my zine Ephemera is now available, and I also still have copies of my chapbook. They're $3 each. Also, now accepting submissions for Ephemera #2, "the love issue." To order or submit, e-mail me: quinn at tmbg dot org.

"Ode to a Mannequin"

Standing guard 
In the window. 
Dressed up 
To match the old-fashioned 
moviehouse facade 
Of the sign store. 

Her nametag proclaims: 
Was it made just for her? 
One delicate hand resting 
next to the tickets

Staring blankly through cat's eye glasses, 
   Through the reflection 
Of blind-windowed cars 

Dress stained 
hair mussed 
Ready to animate, run 
If given a shawl and hat. 

Beautiful in her frozen moment 
From her noisy life
And rendered noiseless 
Dimly recalling 
the last existence 
and losing more of it 
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Saturday, June 12th, 2004

Subject:A Writing Contest
Posted by:blookie.
Time:4:21 am.
Mood: lazy.
This is a writing community so I figured it would be appropriate to post links to a writing contest here. ^__^

The writing contest is being held through deviantart.com. The three winning entires will be converted into a stage production and an 80 page graphic novel. Seriously cool stuff man.

The information about the contest, prizes, and rules is here. You can get to the same page through Machall.

Go for it guys! If anybody else is apart of another writing community be sure to spread the word!
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Sunday, June 6th, 2004

Posted by:marykae.
Time:12:24 pm.
Looking for submissions for a new e-zine.
The site has no pretty layout yet, but it will damnit, it will!
cross posting to lots of places, sorry if you are unfortunate to be in all the same communities as me.
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Friday, June 4th, 2004

Posted by:puccadoll.
Time:11:28 am.
This is for anyone interested in participating in an experimental ongoing online narrative. Any style or form is accepted so long as it constitutes a continuation of the 'narrative' in some way. For more details and to see the story so far: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=storyfusion
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Friday, May 21st, 2004

Posted by:frustratednsad.
Time:9:38 pm.
Mood: creative.
Starting work on my first zine, accepting submissions of anything--poetry, short fiction, essays, art, photos, ads for other zines, etc etc etc. Submissions can be e-mailed to selfcallednowhere@houston.rr.com or mailed (ask for my address).

"Upon Arriving in Newark"

We swooped in over a river
I don't know what river--
It was brown and hemmed by smokestacks.
24,000 comedy routines on Jersey
Flashed before my eyes
And I believed them.

The "Welcome to Newark--America's
RENAISSANCE city!" sign
Was juxtaposed with a grimed and graffitied stone overpass
The irony was not subtle.

Sinking into the deep blue seats of the taxi
Bridge sides high enough to prevent seeing
That River
The blown-out factory windows leered at me
And I glimpsed how people become desperate.
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Thursday, May 6th, 2004

Posted by:haedes.
Time:6:16 pm.
Keeping the mood of the recent weather change here, I wrote this story. A bit depressing, it takes a look inside the mind of a woman who has just been declared bankrupt.

RainCollapse )

Once again, comments will be appreciated.
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Sunday, May 2nd, 2004

Subject:More poems.
Posted by:toashes_.
Time:5:58 pm.
OneCollapse )

TwoCollapse )

ThreeCollapse )

FourCollapse )

That's all.
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Saturday, April 24th, 2004

Subject:Days of Denial
Posted by:haedes.
Time:11:12 pm.
Yep. Original story featuring ::takes deep breath:: me. Yes. I know.

This story redefines the meaning of the word FLUFF.
It was written for a friend who was leaving town so obviously it had to be according to her specifications.She asked to be the main character with her friends in the story as well. Well, thats what she got.She asked for childhood friends becoming lovers. Well thats whats she got. She asked for dark, brooding eyes (well, actually she asked for Johnny Depp, but he's mine so I'm not going to give him to her) well, thats what she got. She specifically said no tragedy, angst or tears. Well, thats what she got. If it had been me, well, one character would have died, or another with a lethal disease or it would have been humor (which so far I haven't tried.) but it wasn't me. It was Trisha. So if you dont like it, you know who to blame.

Harry/Draco fans may recognize the title. Yes, it was unashamedly flicked from IamtheLizardQueen's fic of the same title, found here.If you compare the stories, you will find that there's nothing alike in them. So stop pointing fingers. I've admitted it.

Anyways, on with the story...

Days of DenialCollapse )

I dont want any comments on the story-line or plot. I know it sucks. I know its terrible. What I would like is comments on grammer, writing style and if I need to improve on anything. Thanks muchly.

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Thursday, April 22nd, 2004

Subject:The Truth Always Prevails-Josh Hulse
Posted by:metalheadrapper.
Time:3:06 pm.
The sun rises and the sun sets, but yet issues lie awake still fueling disaster.
Unsettled issues entangle our feelings and emotions.
The bridal of direction is a societal push toward self-sufficiency.
New in thought, perfected in personality, and established in individuality.
Corruption bestowed upon an already distinct ill motive
Falsehood blinding an established sense of perpetual innocence.
Determining that purpose life is in justification in order to sanctify the self-image.
Pious in attitude, magnificent in knowledge, and stupidity in speech.
Unresolved disputes disabling growth annihilates unity of those who remain faithful.XCOURAGEXHONORXLOYALTYX
Continuing downward spirals of emotional low and high's stunts perseverance.
For the focal points are held on the self.
Ideals only bluntly produce the desire to escape evident truth.
The ability to endure persecution builds up our character, but the trials allow individuality perhaps the more of a hopeful distinction that we are not our own.
Evident is our will to change appearance, but what glory do we get for knowing the processes are not our will.
A life that’s depraved only embeds itself in what an already demanding lost profited life benefits which results in obvious nothings.
Critical motivators determine defiantly ones innocence, mean while disabling the ability to reason logically ones existence.
In effect, producing to highly a pedestal image of life that induces hierarchy amongst the true structures of life.
Combined attributes as these fulfill the stench that flows from the mouth of the speaker and shows genuine wisdom in a dead life.
The ability to suppose intellect, supposes how completely lost and ignorant is the gestures of man.
Obviously there is proof that the inevitable truth revealed, is the only and pure truth.
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Monday, April 12th, 2004

Posted by:toashes_.
Time:4:30 pm.
I'm finally getting the courage to post these publicly. Tell me what you think.

OneCollapse )

TwoCollapse )
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Sunday, April 11th, 2004

Subject:Looking Out the Hospital Window
Posted by:frustratednsad.
Time:10:41 pm.
Mood: lonely.
(x-posted like a mofo)

(Shameless advert: I have a chapbook for sale for $5. IM ThePeculiarGirl or e-mail quinn@tmbg.org to place an order.)

Standing naked at the hospital window
and looking out at the nightscape
seven stories down
the street spread below me
like a freshly laundered blanket and
dotted with cars
wondering where everyone had to be at
two a.m.

Standing naked at the hospital window
and looking down at the nightscape
you were a million miles away.
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Tuesday, April 6th, 2004

Posted by:theindiequeen.
Time:1:53 pm.
So, I have to write an essay for my English class. We have to find an article that makes a point ("The death penalty should be abandoned." "Abortion should be illegal." "Gay marriage should be legal.") and write a response essay arguing against it.

Does anyone know of any articles that are extra conservative or perhaps anti-feminist? Maybe something where the author is making the point that you should be "of God, and not of the world" or something like that? (I'm going to try to stay away from the gay marriage topic, just because it is over done, but anything else concerning homosexuality could be good..)

I'm having difficulty finding a good article. Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)
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